Advanced American Construction and Port of Everett's New Pier

The Challenge

Advanced American Construction had Aalbu Brothers do multiple projects through the $400 million build out of the Port of Everett’s South Terminal Modernization project for unloading large container ships with a set of 2 additional over-dimensional cargo cranes. Advanced American Construction called on Aalbu Brothers when they needed a fast turnaround of steel or aluminum work. Aalbu Brothers average turnaround for each project was approximately 6-7 days. Due to the nature of the project being partially federally funded, many requirements where necessary to follow including TWIC cards and Buy America stipulations.

The Solution

Aalbu Brother’s worked hand in hand with Advanced American Construction’s project managers for the South Terminal Modernization project to ensure they got exactly what they were after. Aalbu Brothers acted fast to ensure the scope of our projects didn’t slow or hamper their overall construction and delivered upon our promises time and time again.

Number of Buses


Percent Under Quote

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result