Everett Paratransit Buses

Everett Paratransit Buses

Everett Paratransit Frame Repair Case Study

The Challenge

The City of Everett Motor Pool Division contacted us on a Friday to have us take a look at their cracked frames on 8 of their Paratransit buses. The cracks were found after an accident showed a crack on a bus that wasn’t previously seen during the buses routine maintenance. After further inquiry by the Motor Pool’s mechanics, they found that over 72% of their fleet were cracked and decommissioned them. The Motor Pool Division lead, John Dunn, contacted us and we immediately went to quote the job.

The Solution

Upon inspection of the first bus, we decided that the job was well within our scope of services and we immediately got to work on the buses the next day. We created a custom procedure for the job and followed it strictly. We estimated the job to take one week per bus or eight weeks and we finished well before that in three weeks time. We came in well under our estimate. We were one of two companies that quoted the job and our price per hour was $55 less an hour. We removed the cracked cross-members and ground out the structural cracks and re-welded them with 7018 rod as per industry standard. We did extensive dye penetration testing to ensure we properly fixed all cracks. We wrote reports on each bus and delivered the buses back to the maintenance facility to our satisfied customer.


Cracks Fixed

Cracks fixed and dye penetration tested

Number of Buses


Percent Under Quote

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result


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November 10, 2017