Custom Roll Cage & Rock Sliders

The Challenge

Our customer, a long term friend, asked us to build him a replacement roll cage and rock sliders on his 1976 Jeep CJ-5. We worked on it in the time between other projects as the customer wasn’t on a time crunch. The client requested a modification to the wheel well to allow the driver’s seat to go back an additional 2″.

The Solution

We modified the wheel well’s sheet metal to allow his new seats to go back further. We purchased DOM pipe and bent it to fit the height of our customer and to allow the customer’s custom canvas top to fit. We bent up pipe for the custom rock sliders and added doublers to the frame to ensure rigidity. We painted the final product and delivered it to our satisfied client.

Custom Wheel Well Modifications

Custom Rock Sliders with Doublers

Custom Family Roll Cage




On Budget

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Project Details:

Seat Fender Wall Modification

We modified the wheel fender wells to allow the customer to push his new chairs to a further distance.


Custom Family Roll Cage

We made the main roll cage bar with an extra curve to allow easier access to enter the vehicle for the tall client.

Custom Rock Sliders

We customized rock sliders for the CJ 5. We welded directly to the frame with doublers.

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