Aalbu Brothers

Since 1906, Aalbu Brothers of Everett have provided first class service in the automotive and metal fabrication industries.

Diving to the Titanic

Aalbu Brothers is proud to be part of the build of OceanGate’s Titan submarine. They plan on taking the world’s first carbon fiber submarine to Titanic depths soon.

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Metal Fabrication

Whether it’s a 5 minute job or a large scale fabrication job,
Aalbu Brothers is your go-to metal fabricators.

Metal Fabrication

We specialize in various forms of metal fabrication, from aluminum to zinc. We have welders on hand to produce your idea quickly and to your satisfaction.

Spring Shop

Since 1906, Aalbu Brothers has been the go to spring shop for the Western Washington area. We specialize in building, arching and rebuilding springs for any size of vehicle.

On Site Welding

We offer on-site welding and fabrication services, from stainless kitchen repair to truck repair. We also specialize in marine fabrication and in the field aluminum welding.

Custom U-Bolts

We stock and produce made to order custom U-bolts. We stock sizes from 7/16″ to 7/8″ and can make your U-bolts while you wait.

Hole Punching

We have the capability and are well versed in hole punching in materials up to 3/4″ thick. Whether your project requires round, square or oblong holes, we can do it for you promptly and accurately.

Frame Repair

Aalbu Brothers specializes in frame repair including straightening and crack repair. We also can lengthen frames of large trucks or weld on trailer hitches to large semi tractor trailer.

Want U-Bolts?

Download our U-Bolt form, fill it out and return it to us for the quickest, most accurate service.

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Want Springs?

Download our Leaf Spring form for custom or OEM springs. These forms ensure quick and accurate products.

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Aalbu Brothers

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