Damaged Awning Repair

The Challenge

A multiple time client, IBI Inc., based out of California, with operations throuhout the West Coast, called on us to provide a quote for repairing an awning that was damaged when an “object” fell from a crane. We won the bid and coordinated with IBI who dealt directly with the client and the city to acquire the appropriate permits for shutting down the street and traffic management. The City of Bellevue required an impressive amount of paperwork, including shop drawings of the repairs to be done. When the damaged occurred, several of the bolts were bent and needed replaced.

The Solution

Aalbu Brothers contracted Ford Crane to provide the rigging and lift of the damaged awning. We contracted Everett Towing to ship the awning to our shop in Smokey Point from Bellevue. We did the shop drawings in house. We removed the bent C channels and pan decking, procured and replaced them. We painted the awning to match the existing paint, while taking care not make it stand out. We cleaned it as well. Upon completion, we coordinated with IBI who worked with the City and did the planning in regarding to time of installation. We cored some new holes and drove in new bolts. Once we received word the City and client was ready, we used our  same vendors for the installation of the awning. Our client and their client were very satisfied.

Crane Picks

Day To Repair

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

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