Firetruck Axle Swing Arm Repair

The Challenge

The local fire department reached out to us to fix a broken swing arm on the front rear axle of one of their ladder trucks. Upon inspection we found the mount to the pumpkin of the axle had sheared off. The fire department maintenance department removed the shocks, a popped airbag and the tires. We scheduled a time for the next day to repair the firetruck at the fire department.

The Solution

Upon arriving at the fire department, we removed the weld that remained from the manufacturer’s weld that had sheared. We preheated the pumpkin and mount to ensure proper weldment. Tyler rewelded the mount to the pumpkin using 7018, ensuring proper temperature throughout the process. We did another thorough inspection of the damaged area after our welding procedure. We wrapped up and left the site clean after communicating with the maintenance crew the need to drain the axle to ensure the oil was not contaminated with the heat we had to apply to the pumpkin.

Experienced Crew

Hours of Labor

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

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