Garbage Truck Repair

for the City of Everett

The Challenge

The City of Everett uses a garbage truck as a mobile trash compactor that is stationed at Forest Park in Everett. The truck is commonly dumped 2 times a month, which causes the trash and water to rot out the interior of the holding area. We beat out three competitors to provide services to repair the vehicle. Our quote included cutting out and replacing the rotted out sides of the vehicle and repair a few cracks on the rear of the vehicle. Upon cutting into the rear of the vehicle, we discovered several intensive cracks that hindered the structural integrity of the vehicle.

The Solution

We removed the rotten sections of the sides of the containment area of the truck which measured approximately 8′ by 5′. We cut sections of door skins to create a jig and cut the plate. We used our “Green Giant” metal bender to match the truck’s existing contour which is capable of bending 5/8″ plate. We opened up the rear panel and removed an extensive amount of rust. We lifted the body and added gussets to strengthen its integrity. We added 1/2″ plate to the back and welded it out. We removed a lot of rust for other sections of the  tank. We primed the interior and primed and painted the exterior white. We delivered the truck back to the client free of charge as well as picked it up.



Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

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