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ProTech Truck Boxes & Bodies

Aalbu Brothers is a is an authorized dealer of ProTech Equipment.

Buyers Products

Aalbu Brothers is a is an authorized dealer of Buyers Products.

National Truck Equipment Association

Aalbu Brothers is a member of the National Truck Equipment Association

Liftmoore Truck Cranes

Aalbu Brothers is a is an authorized dealer of Liftmoore Truck Cranes.

Unity Manufacturing Company

Aalbu Brothers is a is an authorized dealer of Unity Manufacturing Company’s vehicle lighting equipment.

Rugby Truck Bodies

Aalbu Brothers is an authorized dealer of Rugby Truck Bodies

Palfinger Hooks

Aalbu Brothers is an authorized sales center for Palfinger Hook Lifts.

WABO Welders

Aalbu Brothers employs WABO Certified Welders.

B&W Hitches

Aalbu Brothers is an authorized dealer of B&W Trailer Hitches

SnowDogg Snow Plows

Aalbu Brothers is an authorized dealer of SnowDogg Plows by Buyers Products.

Dakota Truck Bodies

Aalbu Brothers is an authorized distributor of Dakota Truck Bodies, that are specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. With a focus on durability, functionality, and versatility, Dakota Truck Bodies are engineered to provide reliable performance in even the toughest conditions.
Find your Dakota Body here.

Tommy Gate

As an authorized distributor of Tommy Gate lifts, we are excited to offer high-quality, reliable hydraulic lift solutions that enhance efficiency and convenience for businesses in the transportation and logistics industry.
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Experience unmatched efficiency and durability with Aalbu Brothers’ dump beds. Engineered for heavy-duty performance, our dump beds are designed to handle the toughest loads, providing a reliable solution for seamless material dumping in construction, agriculture, and various industries.


Aalbu Brothers’ flatbeds redefine versatility and reliability in transportation. Designed for optimal load-carrying capacity and durability, our flatbeds offer a robust solution for safely transporting goods, making them an essential choice for a wide range of industries.

Hook Trucks

Unlock unparalleled efficiency in material handling with Aalbu Brothers’ hook trucks. Engineered for versatility, our hook trucks seamlessly handle various loads, offering a reliable and agile solution for industries such as construction and waste management.


Enhance the functionality of your fleet with Aalbu Brothers’ truck accessories, featuring cutting-edge cranes. Our accessories are meticulously designed to optimize your truck’s capabilities, providing a seamless integration of versatile solutions for industries demanding precision and efficiency in material handling.

Suspension Upgrades

Elevate your ride and enhance performance with Aalbu Brothers’ truck suspension upgrades. Engineered for durability and comfort, our suspension enhancements deliver a smoother driving experience while ensuring your vehicle is equipped to handle the demands of various terrains with ease.


Experience seamless loading and unloading operations with Aalbu Brothers’ liftgates. Our meticulously designed liftgate solutions offer reliability and efficiency, ensuring a smooth transition of goods for industries where precision and time-saving are paramount.

Crafting Excellence: Aalbu Brothers Sets the Standard in Custom Truck Body Manufacturing

At Aalbu Brothers, we go beyond the ordinary, leveraging state-of-the-art design and engineering technologies to create bespoke solutions that align seamlessly with your specific requirements.

What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Our team of skilled professionals works closely with clients, offering personalized consultations to understand their needs and deliver tailor-made solutions. Whether you operate in agriculture, forestry, construction, or any other sector, Aalbu Brothers is poised to elevate your fleet with custom-designed truck bodies that optimize functionality, durability, and safety.

accessories installation

Lift gate installation

Aalbu Brothers offers top-tier equipment solutions, featuring a diverse range of quality products such as PALFINGER’s cranes and bodies, complemented by additional product lines from leading equipment and body manufacturers. Our team of equipment specialists is dedicated to delivering optimal strategic solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your application.

Crane & accessories installation

Personalized customer service—While most industries have similar objectives, not all companies work precisely the same way. An Aalbu Brothers Equipment Specialist will work with you to find the best solution to your unique needs that fits into your budget. And we are always going to get you an answer to your questions.

Hook Truck Installation

Discover the versatility and efficiency of Aalbu Brothers’ hook lift trucks – the epitome of adaptability in material handling. Engineered for seamless loading and unloading, these trucks boast a robust design and precision technology to enhance operational productivity. Whether you’re in construction, waste management, or any industry requiring swift and reliable material transport, our hook lift trucks offer a streamlined solution, ensuring your tasks are executed with precision and efficiency. Trust Aalbu Brothers for cutting-edge equipment that elevates your operations to new heights.

Glass truck installation

Elevate your glass transportation with Aalbu Brothers’ premium glass truck accessories. Tailored for the unique demands of the glass industry, our accessories are designed to ensure secure and efficient glass transport. From custom racks and protective padding to specialized securing mechanisms, our range of accessories prioritizes both safety and convenience. Choose reliability, choose Aalbu Brothers for top-quality glass truck accessories that redefine the standards of safety and functionality.

I had suspension issues on my 16′ Box truck with less than 24 hours before I was supposed to leave on a trip to Texas with the truck. I did not think that there was any chance I could get the necessary work in time to leave on schedule. I was referred down to Aalbu and as soon as I walked in they were looking at my problem and discussing options. Even though they were very busy with other things, when I told them I needed it back by noon tomorrow the technician said he would make it work. He volunteered to work extra hours to meet my schedule! I had the truck back by noon as promised and the repair / upgrade was PERFECT! Great group of people with amazing skills. They really bent over backwards to get my project done in a crazy time frame! They were great with communicating options and I feel I got a great price for the service provided. I will definitely do business with them again

” – Fireplace Services

If there was a 10 star. I would give them that instead of just five stars. These guys are amazing. Short story, my friend was driving my truck and 26’ cargo trailer from Washington to Alaska for me. Well, my trailer was loaded and the axels dropped. The guys at Aalbu Brothers (Frankie and Frank) were amazing. They worked on my trailer for my friend all day. Gave it an extra 2 and 1/2” clearance and it made it to Alaska. Very reasonably priced for the work that was done. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM. Thank you so much Aalbu Brothers. I will send everyone to you that I can.

” – Theresa Furr

About Aalbu Brothers

Since 1906, Aalbu Brothers has been a trusted name in the industry, specializing in the manufacturing, production, and repair of truck bodies. With over a century of expertise, our commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative solutions has positioned us as a leader in meeting the diverse needs of our clients. Whether it’s a custom design, precision manufacturing, or efficient repair services, Aalbu Brothers stands as a reliable partner, dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of truck body solutions.

With a legacy spanning over a century, we have proudly crafted exceptional truck bodies since our inception in 1906.

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