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The History Of Aalbu Brothers

Aalbu Brothers has been in business for over 100 years. Our early start was building and repairing Everett’s finest horse drawn carriages and wagons. We built our own wheels that helped move the small city into the age of the automobile. In 1912 we moved to our location to 2927 Grand Ave and took the name Aalbu Brothers from the owners Knut K. Aalbu and Ole Aalbu. By the mid 1930’s Sievert Torve had moved into ownership and then Cal Ferguson and Larry Torve ran the successful business of Aalbu Brothers of Everett Inc. until September 2017, when father and son team, Frank and Francis Craven took the reins.

Francis Craven

President, CEO
Francis started Nevarc Solutions in early 2016, promptly after moving back from the sunny state of Hawaii where he worked as a submarine co-pilot and scuba diving instructor, to provide services as a subcontractor for PacTel Solutions and Frontier Communications, a Fortune 500 company. As of September 2017, Francis acquired Aalbu Brothers name rights and it’s¬†shop located at 2927 Grand Ave from Aalbu Brothers of Everett Inc.. Francis, 31, is an experienced PADI Scuba Instructor and Master Scuba Diver Trainer, mechanic, electrician, Bering Sea fisherman, entrepreneur and general problem solver. He was born in Everett, WA and spent many years at the Port of Everett with his father working with the fishermen that called the Everett Marina home.

Frank Craven

Principal Partner & Adviser
Frank brings to the table 38 years of experience in the fabrication trade. He lends his time around the shop ensuring that safety practices are followed and that the quality that we as a shop wish to provide is produced accordingly. He currently works full-time for Edmonds’ School District as their one and only metal fabricator. He previously has worked for Everett Engineering as a valued member of their team for nearly 10 years. Before that he owned his own fabrication business based out of the Port of Everett, servicing many of Everett’s commercial fishing vessels.

Tyler Clayberg

Foreman – Welder/Fabricator
Tyler adds to the team 15 years of welding experience and is responsible for overseeing the fabrication end of the shop. He has experience in welding in cast iron, bronze, stainless, steel, aluminum and other exotic metals. He was born and raised in the Everett Area. Tyler is WABO certified and holds a qualification for welding on nuclear containment vessels.

Thomas Williamson

Technician – Welder/Fabricator

Thomas brings to the table an energetic attitude and a willingness to produce the highest quality work. Thomas is in charge of the spring end of the shop and is fastly working to become an excellent fabricator and welder.

Cal Ferguson

Advisor – Former Owner of Aalbu Brothers of Everett Inc
Cal has owned Aalbu Brothers of Everett Inc. since 1987 and has worked at the shop at 2927 Grand Ave since 1968. His breadth of knowledge is invaluable and unparalleled.

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