Aluminum Seiner/Crab Vessel Rebuild

Aluminum Seiner/Crab Vessel Rebuild

Custom Crab & Salmon Seiner Boat Fabrication

Aluminum Deck, Fish Holds and Hatches, Interior Engine Hatches

The Challenge

The client bought the vessel at auction after it had sat for years. Rain water filled the fish hold causing extensive electrolysis issues. He requested us to work on it. He wanted an aluminum deck to replace the existing wood deck. The boat was formerly used as a herring fishing vessel and the new owner plans on using it in the salmon fishery part of the year and crab fishery in another part.

The Solution

The project spanned 4 months, in which time we encountered several issues relating to the electrolysis and foam within the double hull. The boat’s condition within the fishhold on the bottom required us to add a new bottom. We added a live hold up forward, a new deck, rain gutters and interior engine hatches. We built the client a new picking boom for picking crab pots to his specific specifications.



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November 10, 2017