Custom Excavator Thumb Fabrication & Installation

The Challenge

A major equipment rental company had purchased an excavator without a thumb. They had a hard time renting out the unit without a thumb so they purchased one and needed an expert to install it. 

The Solution

We spent several hours familiarizing ourselves with the thumb’s manufacturer’s literature and their documentation wasn’t adequate so we called them directly and got weld specs from their engineers. We welded the thumb to the manufacturer’s specifications and ensured weld quality with a stringent quality assurance protocol. We then had the excavators paint color matched and finished off the job with a fresh coat of paint. Utilizing our friends next door at Everett Hydraulics, we had the proper hydraulic hoses attached to the thumb.

Excavator Thumb Installation

Quick Turnaround

We were able to give the client’s their excavator back within their time frame of one week.

Paint Matching

We were able to have the excavator’s boom color matched into a spray can to paint the new thumb to match.

Strict Welding Specifications

Utilizing our staff’s years of combined experience and the manufacturer’s welding specifications, we followed a strict welding protocol for the welding of the thumb to the excavator’s boom.

Expert Welding

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