Marine Fabrication

Custom Fabrication

No matter the size or scope of your metal fabrication project, Aalbu Brothers can engineer, plan, design, procure, fabricate and build your project. We’ll work with you to find solutions to your problems.

Pre-engineered Fabrication

We offer pre-engineered products for the marine industry such as wheelhouses, consoles, picking booms, rollers, ladders, fuel tanks and ENTIRE vessels.

Fishing Industry

Aalbu Brothers has over 50 years of experience in the fishing industry dealing with multiple types of fisheries throughout the Northwest region. We have been commerical fishermen ourselves and bring that experience to find solutions for your vessels.

Pleasure Crafts

We have extensive experience with highly technical metal fabrication for your pleasure craft. We are highly detailed oriented and strive to provide our clients the best possible product for their money.

Skeg Repair

We’re experts at simple skeg repair on outboards.

Trailer Repair

We’re experts at trailer repair at any level.

Dock Repair

We fix and fabricate new docks, handrails and gangways.

All The Right Things

We are experts with aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and other exotic metals. Our expertise provides our customers a one stop shop for all their fabrication needs.

Aalbu Brothers Marine Offerings

We’re offering a line of made-to-order products for the marine industry. Our products are made of high quality 5052 aluminum that can withstand the unforgiving ocean elements and abuse suffered by the commerical fishing industry.

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