Aalbu Brothers Automotive Services

Leaf Spring Suspension

Aalbu Brothers is known up and down the West Coast as a go to destination for all your spring suspension needs. Our reputation as the experts of leaf spring installations and rearching is defined by our 111 years of business.

Truck Bodies

Whether our clients want premanufactured or custom truck bodies, Aalbu Brothers offers the expertise needed to ensure that they’re receiving a safe and satisfactory product that fits their exact needs. No job is too big or too small. Outfit your truck body with specialized storage drawers and compartments, alternative fuel options, ancillary equipment requirements, commercial truck caps and more.

Fleet Oil Changes

Aalbu Brothers is the best local source for your fleet’s oil changes and maintenance. If your business has more than 5 vehicles, we’d be glad to service your fleet’s needs on a contractual basis. We can service any size vehicle including bucket trucks, vans, buses, semis and passenger vehicles. We also offer the required DOT and ANSI inspections for your fleet.

100 Ton Press

Using our 100 ton press we can press out bushings, alter springs, bend metal and make U-bolts. We have the capability to perform king pin and bushing replacements on any size vehicle including semi tractor-trailers. We also straighten shafts.

Frame Repair

We have a frame straightening rack and pull pits. We reguarly service RVs and semi tractor-trailers bringing them quickly back into service after damage. We are the Pacific Northwest’s premier frame specialists. We reserve the right to not repair bent crumple zones.

Frame Lengthening/Shortening

Need to lengthen your vehicle’s frame? Want to shorten the bed? Want to shorten the frame? We can do that!

Custom U-Bolts

Aalbu Brothers stocks various size of threaded rod from 1/4″ to 1-1/4″. We replace all U-bolts when working on leaf suspension because you’re not supposed to reuse them for they loose tensile strength.

Solid Tire Press

We have a 350 ton solid tire press for replacing solid tires on forklifts and other solid wheeled vehicles such as scissor lifts, semis and tractors.

Custom Hitches and Hitch Installation

We can install factory made hitches or custom fabricate any size hitch that you may need on any vehicle including semi tractor-trailers and farm equipment.

Important Information:

Air Bags

Aalbu Brothers does not service or install suspension air bags. In fact, we reserve the right to refuse to work on any vehicle with them installed.
Ask us in person or by telephone why.

Re-arching Springs

We re-arch leaf springs of any size to bring back springs to their original shape after aging and being overloaded.


We work with various distributors to find you the appropriate spring necessary for your vehicle should you be adding a large load and we can add-a-leaf to the existing spring set to give you a robust addition to your suspension.

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